Do you have a room that it constantly to hot or cold?

What is the hottest room of your home?  Often the answer is the bedroom.  Then when we ask what is the most comfortable room of your home, we hear answers like: “the hallway”.  Who wants to sleep in the hallway?

This is a VERY common problem in St. Louis homes.  The problem is usually caused by improperly thought out architectural design and not having proper air flow due to not enough returns, not enough vents, too  many vents, etc, etc.   Many architects design beautiful, livable and usable space but few think about heating or cooling it effectively.   Or it may just be an inefficient old heat pump that can’t compete with super cold or hot days.

The most common rooms of your home to be excessively hot or cold are:

  • Bedrooms
  • Finished Rooms Over Garages
  • 4 Season Rooms (Sunrooms)
  • Home Gyms
  • Home Theaters
  • The Garage

All these but the bedroom are explainable with ease.  Simply put, they don’t have duct work so there is no airflow and no air conditioning.

Failed Solutions

You have tried them all, we all have.

  • Fans
  • Electric Heaters
  • Noisy Window Units

Making Your Home Comfortable – The Solution (Ductless Mini Splits)

The same name you know and trust for many other appliances in your home and pocket, SAMSUNG has launched the PEARL Ductless Mini Split heating and cooling system which is PERFECT for controlling the comfort in your out of control rooms.

The PEARL from SAMSUNG is a Ductless Mini Split system and is available in straight A/C or heat pump. Ductless mini split systems are among the most efficient heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. Conventional heat pump systems have a standard rating of 13 SEER while the SAMSUNG Heat Pump is an incredible 28.1 SEER.

res samsung pearl

Samsung PEARL Ductless Mini Split Advantages for Homes with Hard to Control Rooms

  • Extreme Efficiency (20-40% savings!)
  • LOW Noise (quieter than your Fridge)
    • Quiet inside
    • Quiet outside
  • Can be integrated to a multi zone system
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Smart (built in wifi and mobile app enabled)
  • Low Cost of Installation

samsung features