Cooling and Heating Without Ducts?!?!

Imagine building a new home with NO FURNACE and NO RETURN AIR VENTS or DUCT WORK!  Build a healthier, happier home.

Ductless Heating and Cooling for New Construction

Your new home could have no duct work.  No popping, no creaking with a smaller outdoor unit footprint.  In addition to those benefits, the outside units are whisper quiet and the inside units can be configured in up to 9 zones and up to 165 feet from the outdoor unit.  They can even be configured up to 700 feet away from the outdoor unit when using the “Mini Echo” residential 3, 4 or 5 ton system.

Pricing is comparable to High Efficiency Heat Pumps or Forced Air Furnace while being less than Geo Thermal and way more efficient than any of them.  Besides you will even save money on duct work and install labor.

Architects love Ductless Mini Splits

Eliminate architectural issues with open floor plans.  Samsung Mini Splits offer endless mind numbing flexibility and settings. This is where Click here to find a local installer and learn more.

Not just for New Construction

Samsung Ductless Mini Split HVAC solutions are also perfect for “Gut Rehabs” where space is always an issue.  Ductless also creates more floorspace for your basement finishing project.  Last but not least, Hard to heat Historic properties are perfect for ductless mini splits, especially when a percentage of the home or building must be left with a certain percentage of the home in “original state”

Building your Dream Home with Samsung HVAC (Ductless Mini Splits)

The same name you know and trust for many other appliances in your home and pocket, SAMSUNG has launched the PEARL Ductless Mini Split heating and cooling system which is PERFECT for controlling the comfort in your out of control rooms.

The PEARL from SAMSUNG is a Ductless Mini Split system and is available in straight A/C or heat pump. Ductless mini split systems are among the most efficient heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. Conventional heat pump systems have a standard rating of 13 SEER while the SAMSUNG Heat Pump is an incredible 28.1 SEER.


Samsung PEARL Ductless Mini Split Advantages for Homes with Hard to Control Rooms

  • Extreme Efficiency (20-40% savings!)
  • LOW Noise (quieter than your Fridge)
    • Quiet inside
    • Quiet outside
  • Can be integrated to a multi zone system
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Smart (built in wifi and mobile app enabled)
  • Low Cost of Installation