Climate controlled garages, no longer just for the pros!

Whether you are into Gardening, Cycling, Muscle Cars, Motorcycles, Exotics or restoring classics, you undoubtedly spend much of your time in the garage.  It
is your space.  Your place to get your hands dirty or just sit staring at your toys.  Problem is, it is often too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to enjoy the space.  For this reason, many garage folks, only get to truly enjoy their garage during the spring and fall.

Air conditioning your garage until now has been a challenge.  Considering it is built on a cold concrete slab, has no duct work and typically has a hot attic above it.  Some have succeeded in turning their garage into a 3 season room by adding heat for the winter.   Cooling your garage has not been an affordable option till now with the advent of Ductless Mini Split Technology.

A Ductless Mini Split unit can be hung on your garage wall with nothing more than electric and a small diameter refrigerant line running to the super quiet outside modern unit.  Yet it will quickly and very efficiently cool the space on the hottest summer days and warm the space on the coldest winter nights.

Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split Climate Controlled Garage

  1. Protect your investments from damage and deterioration caused by extreme temperatures
  2. Make the space usable for much less than the cost of a room addition
  3. Spend more time doing the things you love.

Making Your Garage Comfortable – The Solution (Ductless Mini Splits)

The same name you know and trust for many other appliances in your home and pocket, SAMSUNG has launched the PEARL Ductless Mini Split heating and cooling system which is PERFECT for turning your Garage into your dream work shop or (wo)man cave.

The PEARL from SAMSUNG is a Ductless Mini Split system and is available in straight A/C or heat pump. Ductless mini split systems are among the most efficient heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. Conventional heat pump systems have a standard rating of 13 SEER while the SAMSUNG Heat Pump is an incredible 28.1 SEER.

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Samsung PEARL Ductless Mini Split Advantages for Climate Controlled Garages

  • Extreme Efficiency (20-40% savings!)
  • LOW Noise (quieter than your Fridge)
    • Quiet inside
    • Quiet outside
  • Can be integrated to a multi zone system
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Smart (built in wifi and mobile app enabled)
  • Low Cost of Installation

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